Yucca elephantipes Regel

Spineless Yucca - Giant Yucca.
Gartenflora. 9: 35. 1859.

Synonymy :
Yucca guatemalensis Baker. Ref. Bot. 5 pl. 313. 1872.
Yucca gigantea Baker. Ref. Bot. 5. 1880.
Yucca lenneana Baker. Ref. Bot. 7.1880.
Yucca moreana Peacock ex Baker. Hort. 1880.
Yucca ghiesbreghtii Peacock ex Baker. Hort. 1880.
Yucca roezlii Peacock ex Baker. Hort. 1880.
Yucca mazelii Watson. Hort. 1889.

Type: Cult. en Inglaterra. (in cultivation, England) (see Flora Mesoamericana Vol. 6 - 1994). (from Yucca-Mexicana - MATUDA-LUJAN 1980.
Type locality: the coast of Veracruz is mentioned, but without a precise area. It is cultivated as an ornamental plant from Mexico to Central America. Nevertheless, in the wild it appears very rare.)

Other representative material studied.

fh 0399, Huixtan area, 2,090 m,
fh 0422, Plazuela, 2,000 m.

Yucca elephantipes

Yucca elephantipes, fh 0422, Plazuela, 2,000m,
with Banana spec. Growing in tropical area.